• The Pyramid (2014)

    The Pyramid (2014)

    (13,824 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Pyramid - (2014) An archaeological team attempts to unlock the secrets of a lost pyramid only to find themselves hunted by an i...

  • The Zero Theorem (2013)

    The Zero Theorem (2013)

    (14,661 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Zero Theorem - A hugely talented but socially isolated computer operator is tasked by Management to prove the Zero Theorem: tha...

  • Force Majeure (2014)

    Force Majeure (2014)

    (7,882 views; SPI 0.0)

    Force Majeure (2014) A family on a ski holiday in the French Alps find themselves staring down an avalanche during lunch one day; i...

  • Beyond The Lights (2014)

    Beyond The Lights (2014)

    (28,179 views; SPI 0.0)

    Beyond The Lights - The pressures of fame have superstar singer Noni on the edge, until she meets Kaz, a young cop who works to hel...

  • Black Or White (2014)

    Black Or White (2014)

    (14,006 views; SPI 0.0)

    Black Or White - (2014) A grieving widower is drawn into a custody battle over his granddaughter, whom he helped raise her entire l...

  • Blackhat (2015)

    Blackhat (2015)

    (15,103 views; SPI 0.0)

    Blackhat - A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Ange...

  • Absolution (2015)

    Absolution (2015)

    (17,344 views; SPI 0.0)

    Absolution - (2015) When a contract killer (Steven Seagal) encounters a girl on the run from a mob boss (Vinnie Jones) with powerfu...

  • The Principle (2014)

    The Principle (2014)

    (23,309 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Principle - (2014) "The Principle" brings to light astonishing new scientific observations challenging the Copernican Principle...

  • The Overnighters (2014)

    The Overnighters (2014)

    (8,638 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Overnighters - Broken, desperate men chase their dreams and run from their demons in the North Dakota oil fields. A local Pasto...

  • The Missing Picture (2013)

    The Missing Picture (2013)

    (6,324 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Missing Picture - (2013) Rithy Panh uses clay figures, archival footage, and his narration to recreate the atrocities Cambodia'...

  • What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

    What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

    (25,308 views; SPI 0.0)

    What We Do In The Shadows - Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav are vampires who are finding that modern life has them struggling with the...

  • Black Sea (2014)

    Black Sea (2014)

    (8,362 views; SPI 0.0)

    Black Sea - (2014) In order to make good with his former employers, a submarine captain takes a job with a shadowy backer to search...

  • Comet (2014)

    Comet (2014)

    (7,703 views; SPI 0.0)

    Comet (2014) Set in a parallel universe, Comet bounces back and forth over the course of an unlikely but perfectly paired couple's...

  • Last Knights (2015)

    Last Knights (2015)

    (7,555 views; SPI 0.0)

    Last Knights - A fallen warrior rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.

  • Desert Dancer (2014)

    Desert Dancer (2014)

    (10,091 views; SPI 0.0)

    Desert Dancer - (2014) Afshin Ghaffarian risks everything to start a dance company amidst his home country of Iran's politically vo...

  • Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)

    Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)

    (16,344 views; SPI 0.0)

    Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - When Lou finds himself in trouble, Nick and Jacob fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get ba...

  • The Cobbler (2014)

    The Cobbler (2014)

    (12,513 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Cobbler - (2014) Max Simkin repairs shoes in the same New York shop that has been in his family for generations. Disenchanted w...

  • Ida (2013)

    Ida (2013)

    (12,759 views; SPI 0.0)

    Ida (2013) Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland, is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret...

  • Life Itself (2014)

    Life Itself (2014)

    (9,355 views; SPI 0.0)

    Life Itself - The life and career of the renowned film critic and social commentator,

  • Wild Tales (2014)

    Wild Tales (2014)

    (15,512 views; SPI 0.0)

    Wild Tales - (2014) Six short stories involving distressed people.

  • The Wedding Ringer (2015)

    The Wedding Ringer (2015)

    (22,079 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Wedding Ringer - (2015) Two weeks shy of his wedding, a socially awkward guy enters into a charade by hiring the owner of a com...