• Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

    (346,154 views; SPI 0.2)

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - (2015) After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads...

  • Mortdecai (2015)

    Mortdecai (2015)

    (13,359 views; SPI 0.0)

    Mortdecai - (2015) Juggling angry Russians, the British Mi5, and an international terrorist, debonair art dealer and part time rogu...

  • Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

    Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

    (31,529 views; SPI 0.0)

    Mad Max Fury Road-2015 In a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, two rebels just might be able to restore order: Max, a...

  • Danny Collins (2015)

    Danny Collins (2015)

    (16,841 views; SPI 0.0)

    Danny Collins - (2015) An aging rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year-old letter written to him by

  • Ex Machina (2015)

    Ex Machina (2015)

    (18,960 views; SPI 0.0)

    Ex Machina - (2015) A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough experiment in artificial intelligence by evalua...

  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

    Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

    (87,772 views; SPI 0.1)

    Pitch Perfect 2-2015

  • The Gunman (2015)

    The Gunman (2015)

    (10,222 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Gunman - (2015) A sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mines of the Congo. Terrier's successful kill...

  • Pound Of Flesh (2015)

    Pound Of Flesh (2015)

    (11,415 views; SPI 0.0)

    Pound Of Flesh (2015) A man's heroic attempt to help a woman in distress ends up with him waking up the next day without a kidney a...

  • Unfinished Business (2015)

    Unfinished Business (2015)

    (21,871 views; SPI 0.0)

    Unfinished Business-2015 A hard-working small business owner and his two associates travel to Europe to close the most important de...

  • The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    (18,759 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Lazarus Effect - (2015) A group of medical students discover a way to bring dead patients back to life.

  • Run All Night (2015)

    Run All Night (2015)

    (17,812 views; SPI 0.0)

    Run All Night-2015 Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mi...

  • Accidental Love (2015)

    Accidental Love (2015)

    (13,360 views; SPI 0.0)

    Accidental Love - (2015) A small town waitress gets a nail accidentally lodged in her head causing unpredictable behavior that lead...

  • Cinderella (2015)

    Cinderella (2015)

    (68,677 views; SPI 0.1)

    Cinderella - (2015) When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her...

  • Out Of The Dark (2014)

    Out Of The Dark (2014)

    (17,382 views; SPI 0.0)

    Out Of The Dark-2014 A couple and their daughter move to Colombia to take over a family manufacturing plant, only to realize their...

  • Beyond The Reach (2014)

    Beyond The Reach (2014)

    (11,248 views; SPI 0.0)

    Beyond The Reach-2014 A high-rolling corporate shark and his impoverished young guide play the most dangerous game during a hunting...

  • Digging Up The Marrow (2014)

    Digging Up The Marrow (2014)

    (8,301 views; SPI 0.0)

    Digging Up The Marrow - (2014) A documentary exploring genre based monster art takes an odd turn when the filmmakers are contacted...

  • Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

    (30,819 views; SPI 0.0)

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron - (2015) When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, t...

  • Late Phases (2014)

    Late Phases (2014)

    (14,551 views; SPI 0.0)

    Late Phases - (2014) A wounded war vet moves to a place where people are dying from mysterious circumstances.

  • Get Hard (2015)

    Get Hard (2015)

    (101,365 views; SPI 0.1)

    Get Hard - (2015) When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him...

  • Frank (2014)

    Frank (2014)

    (13,645 views; SPI 0.0)

    Frank (2014) Jon, a young wanna-be musician, discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band le...

  • Effie Gray (2014)

    Effie Gray (2014)

    (18,322 views; SPI 0.0)

    Effie Gray - (2014) A look at the scandalous love triangle between Victorian art critic John Ruskin, his teenage bride Effie Gray,...