• Gift Wrapped

    Gift Wrapped

    (4,738 views; SPI 0.0)

    Gift Wrapped - (1952) Sylvester gets a rubber mouse for Christmas, but he much prefers Granny's gift: a new Tweety Bird.

  • A Garfield Christmas Special (1987)

    A Garfield Christmas Special (1987)

    (29,887 views; SPI 0.0)

    A Garfield Christmas Special - (1987) Garfield, Jon, and Odie go to Jon's grandmother's house for Christmas, where Garfield finds a...

  • Frosty The Snowman 1969 Rankin

    Frosty The Snowman 1969 Rankin

    (26,553 views; SPI 0.0)

    Frosty The Snowman 1969 Rankin-bass

  • Fridgid Hare

    Fridgid Hare

    (3,671 views; SPI 0.0)

    Fridgid Hare

  • Fred Claus

    Fred Claus

    (9,264 views; SPI 0.0)

    Fred Claus - (2007) Fred Claus, Santa's bitter older brother, is forced to move to the North Pole.

  • Fast And Furyous

    Fast And Furyous

    (4,388 views; SPI 0.0)

    Fast And Furyous

  • Duck Rabbit Duck

    Duck Rabbit Duck

    (8,364 views; SPI 0.0)

    Duck Rabbit Duck - (1953) The final installment of the "Hunting Trilogy" once again has Elmer out hunting, while Bugs and Daffy try...

  • Crackeed Ice

    Crackeed Ice

    (3,648 views; SPI 0.0)

    Crackeed Ice

  • Christmas Comes To Pac

    Christmas Comes To Pac

    (7,032 views; SPI 0.0)

    Christmas Comes To Pac-land

  • Caspers Haunted Christmas

    Caspers Haunted Christmas

    (7,642 views; SPI 0.0)

    Caspers Haunted Christmas

  • Bugs Bunnys Looney Christmas Tales

    Bugs Bunnys Looney Christmas Tales

    (10,582 views; SPI 0.0)

    Bugs Bunnys Looney Christmas Tales

  • Booby Hatcked

    Booby Hatcked

    (5,617 views; SPI 0.0)

    Booby Hatcked

  • Bob The Builder White Christmas

    Bob The Builder White Christmas

    (20,705 views; SPI 0.0)

    Bob The Builder White Christmas

  • Blackadders Christmas Carol

    Blackadders Christmas Carol

    (6,944 views; SPI 0.0)

    Blackadders Christmas Carol

  • Beauty And The Beast

    Beauty And The Beast

    (20,786 views; SPI 0.0)

    Beauty And The Beast - (1946) A beautiful young woman takes her father's place as the prisoner of a mysterious beast, who wishes to...

  • The Abominable Snow Rabbit

    The Abominable Snow Rabbit

    (15,851 views; SPI 0.0)

    The Abominable Snow Rabbit - (1961) Bugs and Daffy run into the abominable snowman in the Himalayas.