Human Nature (3) Patience, Respect and Kindness (2019)

Human Nature (3) Patience, Respect and Kindness (2019)

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Human Nature (3) In this opportunity we will be filled with "patience, respect and kindness" in Human Nature. The first guest will be Hanna the Hummingbird, bringing us a valuable teaching for these times in which everything emerges quickly. "Patience". We will know what it is, how to achieve it through some recommendations and we will see different scenarios where we must keep calm, avoiding anxiety and loss of control. Next, Tetsuo la Tortuga will tell us about respect through an anecdotal story that reflects the importance of following the rules, as well as other ways of being respectful. And finally goodness will be present, from India with Her, the Elephant who will tell a colorful story that will teach us the meaning of goodness and how we can be kind to the people around us. Three important values under the leadership of the nice Jade, the Giraffe who will reinforce through trivia, games and recommendations, each one of the topics dealt with in the program.
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