Peter Cardillo Chief Market Economist Spartan Capital (2018)

Peter Cardillo Chief Market Economist Spartan Capital (2018)

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Peter Cardillo Chief Market Economist Spartan Capital, Mr. Peter I. Cardillo serves as Chief Market Economist at Spartan Capital Securities LLC. He served as Chief Market Economist of Rockwell Global Capital, LLC. He was employed by Westfalia Investments for 13 years and Josephthal & Co. for 27 years. He has 45 years experience in the Financial Services Industry. He is a regular commentator on various U.S. and International business news and media, including Bloomberg Radio, CNBC World, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, and Consensus Financial Weekly. In addition, his comments are published weekly on, Reuters, CNN Money, and other internet business publications. Mr. Cardillo studied Economics at Rhods and New York Institute of Finance. Spartan Capital Securities, LLC is a full-service, integrated financial services firm that provides sound investment guidance for high net worth individuals and institutions. Their in-depth market knowledge, calculated risk management strategy and investment acumen have earned us a strong reputation as trusted Financial Advisors.
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