Dr Kerry Johnson, America's Business Psychologist (2018)

Dr Kerry Johnson, America's Business Psychologist (2018)

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Kerry L. Johnson, MBA, Ph.D. (How Read customer’s mind) is a best-selling author and speaker who speaks at least 8 times a month ranging from Hong Kong to Halifax, and from New Zealand to New York. Traveling 8,000 miles each week, he speaks on such topics as "How to Read Your Customer's Mind," "The Trust Connection," and " How to Increase Your Business by 80% within 8 weeks. In addition to speaking, Kerry heads a personal coaching company. Peak Performance Coaching guarantees 80% increase in sales production within just a few weeks. Professionals around the world use Dr. Johnson and his coaches to increase business usually by 300% + within only weeks. Kerry currently writes monthly for fifteen national trade and management magazines whose editors have dubbed him "The Nation's Sales Psychologist." His weekly newsletter THE WINNING EDGE, is read by thousands around the globe on new research on sales psychology.
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