Fed Up (2014)

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1 Comment

  1. Shafco

    The latest in a line of documentaries critiquing the American diet, “Fed Up” quickly zeroes in on what would appear to be its villain. According to the film, added sugar, in all forms — including not just the demonized high-fructose corn syrup, but also more natural-sounding throwbacks such as “pure” cane sugar — is almost single-handedly responsible for what one interview subject calls the obesity tsunami sweeping the nation, as well as the sharp rise in diabetes.

    Of course, the increased sugar in processed foods is just the weapon that’s killing us, according to director Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric, who narrates and produced the informative and at times anger-inducing film. The real culprit, “Fed Up” argues, is an industry pushing sugar-laden junk food on an unsuspecting public.

    One particularly telling commentary — and a source of grim, if unintended, humor — comes from a mother struggling to help her obese teenager find more healthful meal options. (The movie is structured around interviews with several morbidly obese adolescents and their families.) Recently, Mom tells us, she switched from buying Hot Pockets to buying “lean” Hot Pockets. Though meant sincerely, the line deserves to be met with a derisive snort.

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