who we are

SunsetCast Media System International is a streaming service that allows subscribers to stream current and historical television series, movies, videos via the internet, mobile device or streaming device, including smartphones and tablets, digital media players, and smart TV, as well as DVD/Blu-Ray and merchandise sales related to the content.
We are present on ITunes Podcast, Google Play Music, Sunset-Cast ePlay, and many other media streaming systems.

SunsetCast Popularity Index (SPI) will indicate the public interest to view certain content. This index varies from 0.0 (No Stars) to 9.9 (Nine Stars) and is based on the number of views in the last hour, day, week and month for that. This index is a valuable marketing tool to all our customers.

Our podcasts are available on Apple TV in HD.As an Authorized or VIP user, or if your Blu-Ray or DVD set includes a Digital Copy, you can add that movie to your collection. In your network please Sign In SunsetCast and then click Authorize. After that you can play any movie from SunsetCast podcast on your Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

You can subscribe to our podcasts on iPhone and iPad by clicking the podcast icon on our website or by searching for our podcast "SunsetCast" in podcast application.

If you are a Movie Production Company or an Independent Video Producer, you can distribute & sell your production through our system. SunsetCast provides low- and high-resolution broadcasting in mp4 and m4v formats. You can control the sale (via your website or store) by integrating to our system (using a simple API) and sending us the Digital Copy code. This code will be the user authentication to access and view that movie/clip anywhere.

SunsetCast is Now available on Apple Store for Apple TV!