Elysium Origins The Motion Comic (2018)

Elysium Origins The Motion Comic (2018)

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In this supernatural tale of the constant fight, yet awful balance between Good and Evil, God and the devil are at war. A holy battle for the most glorious of all trophies, human souls. When a human dies, it becomes a pawn for one side or the other.The first two, Adam and Eve once together watched over all mankind. Until Lucifer convinced Adam that the throne could be his. Eve, mother to all and still humankind's greatest ally must pit herself with the angels against her former love's treachery. Adam, with help from Lucifer and his army starts the great war.The souls of humans fight alongside Demons and Angels. However, although they are not supposed to manipulate the living at any time, they will. Heaven's angels as well as the Devil's army will occasionally in their effort to sway the battle to one side will wander into our reality. If they are discovered, they are punished, forced to live eternally on earth, cloaked from their brothers and sisters and from their creator.Join the legions of Heaven and Hell as we get a glimpse of this eternal war. “For if the balance ever became unbalanced again, the only thing that could restore the faith of mankind will be the blood of God...” The Blood Book Isaiah 67:22
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