Ted 2 (2015)

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  1. Marvin

    Some films aspire to high insanity. “Ted 2” aims low and hits the target, but also manages, in its scattershot way, to be gleefully resonant with our fevered times.

    Seth MacFarlane’s raunch-rich comedy is a sequel to his 2012 hit about an amiable guy from Boston and the potty-mouthed, compulsively womanizing teddy bear who’s been his best friend since childhood. Once again, in what’s bound to be another hit, the guy, John, is played by Mark Wahlberg; Ted’s voice is Mr. MacFarlane’s; the script was written by the filmmaker with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild; and no holds or cringeful vulgarities are barred. This time, though, the focus turns from a love triangle of John, Ted and Mila Kunis’s Lori to a civil-rights struggle—yes, you read that right—pitting Ted against a world of implacable bigots.

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